Tutorial: Silicon Photonic Quantum Technologies: (Chair: Qiang Zhang)

Mon, 29 Aug , 15:00 - 16:15

    Abstract: On-chip generating, controlling, storing and detecting quantum states of light with integrated photonic circuits provides the way to realizing complex quantum technologies for applications in the fields of quantum computation, simulation and communication. In this talk we present recent progress in large-scale integrated photonic circuit for quantum information processing. We will discuss several silicon-photonic quantum devices that is able to generate, manipulate and analyze various entanglement structures, e.g., multidimensional entanglement, multiphoton entanglement, and topologically protected entanglement. Several state-of-the-art large-scale programmable quantum photonic chips will be introduced, for the study of quantum coherence, generation of entanglement, and quantum computing. We will then show the demonstrations of several quantum computing models and algorithms, including Gaussian quantum Boson sampling, quantum simulation of physical and chemical systems, linear combinations of unitarian for quantum information processing, and cluster-state quantum computing. These results show silicon-integrated quantum photonics as a route towards large-scale quantum information processing, pointing the way to applications in fundamental science and quantum technologies.