Contributed Talks 4a: Theory talks (Chair: Ernest Tan)

Thu, 1 Sep , 11:00 - 12:00
    • Quantum Proofs of Deletion for Learning with Errors
      Alexander Poremba
    • Quantum cryptography with classical communication: parallel remote state preparation for copy-protection, verification, and more
      Alexandru Gheorghiu ; Tony Metger ; Alexander Poremba
    • Generalised entropy accumulation for quantum cryptography
      Tony Metger ; Omar Fawzi ; David Sutter ; Renato Renner
    • Online-Extractability in the Quantum Random-Oracle Model
      Jelle Don ; Serge Fehr ; Christian Majenz ; Christian Schaffner
    • Classical verification of quantum depth
      Nai-Hui Chia ; Shih-Han Hung
    • Pseudorandom (Function-Like) Quantum State Generators: New Definitions and Applications
      Prabhanjan Ananth ; Aditya Gulati ; Luowen Qian ; Henry Yuen